When one hears the words Hugh Hefner and Disneyland, they are seldom in the same sentence. Recently, Hefner and his new wife Crystal Harris toured the famed amusement park with the help of mobility scooters. Though Harris did not need a scooter, it is safe to say that the 87 year old mogul certainly did. While the two went to Disneyland in the hopes of fun and relaxation, they were met with stares and requests to sign autographs and pose for photos.

The group was escorted around the park and though Hefner did not ride any of the larger rides, he was said to have spent the “best day with his favorite person at his favorite place on Earth.”

The pair, always willing to please fans, posed for photos and signed autographs at the park in between enjoying games and a few rides. Hefner and his wife were escorted by both security guards and handlers to insure that they had the safest, most enjoyable time they could at the park. The group received a personal tour of the park while they stayed.

Though it may seem like someone like Hugh Hefner has no place in the family friendly park, everyone deserves a chance to have some fun and forget their worries, even if just for a day.