3 Year Old Girl Dies from Gunshot in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park officials are investigating the Saturday morning death of a 3 year old girl from Idaho who the mother said shot herself with a handgun while with family at the Grant Village Campground. Attempts to resuscitate the girl were unsuccessful and this is the first shooting death in the park since 1978. The campground remained cordoned off through Sunday while park rangers and special park agents investigated the incident.

Park spokesman Al Nash stated, “We don’t have all of the information, and we haven’t drawn any conclusions.” The names of the mother and victim have not been released.

A federal law in February of 2010 allowed the possession of guns inside the park but officials noted that the 2 other cases of gunshot fatalities were reported in the park in 1978.”Given the 3 million visitors we see here every year, there thankfully are very few fatalities reported in the park,” Nash said. The primary cause of deaths in the park is heart attack.

The park’s borders encompass areas of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana with the girl’s death occurring in the Wyoming portion of the park. Park officials have federal jurisdiction and will have the lead in the investigation.