I-55 bank robber

I-55 bank robber

FBI’s I-55 Bank Robber Photo Campaign May Have Led to His Voluntary Surrender

The FBI may have just ferreted out one of the most high profile bank robbers in recent memory whom they dubbed the “I-55 Bank Robber”. The person they sought was responsible for purloining undisclosed sums of cash from banks in the four US states of: Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, and West Virginia. In all, the “I-55 Bank Robber” had held up ten banks.

The robber’s modus operandi has been smooth and cool – he strolls into the bank wearing a hat and hands the teller a note stating that he is armed and feeling somewhat peckish for money. Bank Tellers are required to attend training prior to assisting customers and part of that training tells them to always take the threat serious and hand over the money to prevent loss of life.

The FBI launched an ad campaign posting photographs of the robber on television. It appears to have paid off because a suspect, 19-year-old Andrew Maberry has voluntarily surrendered himself to authorities only 24 hours after photographs of him began appearing on TV.

The FBI has not revealed just how much money the bandit was able to accumulate during his theft spree nor whether he has lawyered up at this time.

I-55 bank robber

FBI Searching For I-55 bank robber