Pregnant boy 2 gives birth to parasitic twin (VIDEO)

Pregnant boy 2 gives birth to parasitic twin (VIDEO)

2 Year Old Boy From China Gives Birth to His Twin

A two year old boy suffering with breathing complications and an unexplained largely inflated stomach was said to have been pregnant. Although this would normally generate many questions as to how this unusual situation came about, there seems to be a rare but logical explanation.

The boy who is originally from Huaxi, China underwent several medical tests including X-rays and MRI screenings that revealed his severely distended stomach and extreme breathing difficulties were a direct result of him carrying his parasitic twin.
Upon review of the test results, doctors concluded that the two year old Xiao Feng, was “pregnant” with the parasitic fetus of his unborn twin. Hence, the process of removal of the fetus would quickly be referred to as giving birth.

It appears that the underdeveloped fetus measured about 20 cm in width and had completely developed spine and limbs with fingers and toes present as well.

More than 75% of the 2-year-olds stomach was consumed with his parasitic twin. Further testing post delivery revealed that the fetus would have developed into a male child.

The medical term for this type occurrence is referred to as cryptodidymus or more commonly known as conjoined twins, reports the Daily Mail.

The surgery was performed in a medical facility in Huaxi. It is said that the bottom of the fetus’s feet were visible through the skin of the 2 year old twin.

According to, the estimated incidence of heteropagus parasitic twins is approximately 1 per 1 million live births. Isolated case reports comprise most of published work on this rare congenital anomaly.

Pregnant boy 2 gives birth to parasitic twin (VIDEO)

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