Woman quits job like a boss (VIDEO)

Woman quits job like a boss (VIDEO)

Woman Quits Job Via Video to Boss which Goes Viral

Maria Shifrin would make country singer Johnny Paycheck proud with her modern day equivalent to his 1977 classic “Take This Job and Shove It!” which was about a man working a thankless job for 15-years at the cost of his woman. The song’s character just can’t get the courage to actually quit.

In the video description, Shifrin writes:

“I believe it’s more important to focus on the quality of the content…Here is a little video I made explaining my feelings.”

The video has been viewed over 1.3 million times since it was posted over the weekend.

In the case of Shifrin, she more than had the courage to quit; she had the courage to do it spectacularly. She went back to her employer at 4:30AM and put together a video. Shifrin’s job was to produce video content at an animation company. However, after two thankless years of service which came at the expense of her love life and quality of life, she put together a video that ironically achieved the “quantity” her employer demanded along with the “quality” she long sought.

“I dropped everything for work,” Shifrin explains in a blog post titled Journalism is Dead (To Me). “I spent hours in the office perfecting my headlines, my voiceovers, my stories.” Her boss instructed her to “make deadlines, not art,” and Shifrin decided to quit, with Yeezy by her side.

The video is her formal resignation. Shifrin chose as song by Kanye West as the background to her dance throughout the work place. In addition, Shifrin’s video posted an explanation of her reasons for quitting in what is perhaps the most novel exit interview in the annals of HR. The video has gone viral. Hopefully, another employer out there will see the value that Shifrin’s former employer ignored.

“Well, point proven. Thank you to everyone. Sometimes the little ones do win,” Shifrin said in a tweet from her personal account Monday night.

Shifrin joins a growing list of high-profile job mic drops, including Groupon founder Andrew Mason’s “Just kidding, I was fired today” letter; the “I’m leaving this job to make cakes” cake; an agency staffer’s “F this job” post on a client tourism page; and the programmer who created an I QUIT Super Mario video game.

Woman Quits Her Job in Spectacular Late-Night Dance Video Set to Kanye West

Woman Quits Her Job in Spectacular Late-Night Dance Video Set to Kanye West

check out her video below.

Woman quits job