Parker Posey Has Her Own Film Fest 	Arnold Gatila

Parker Posey Has Her Own Film Fest (photo courtesy Arnold Gatila)

Independent Films Fans Flock to Second Parker Posey Film Fest

Since she may not seem like the most obvious subject for the focus of a film festival, the success of the second annual Parker Posey film festival earlier this month may surprise you – it certainly surprised Posey, who was apparently bewildered to hear that a festival had been held in her honor according to organisers. Nevertheless, the event drew a strong crowd to a weekend of screenings at the ICA in London.

The actress is mostly known for her success in independent films, and this was reflected in the selection of films screened at this year’s festival; cult 90s comedy Party Girl, two episodes of the hugely popular television comedy Louie and a double feature of Henry Fool and Fay Grim, two films made ten years apart which both feature Posey as the titular Grim.

With the popularity of the festival showing no signs of letting up after two installments, fans are already speculating about the possibility of a third event next year. If nothing else, the Parker Posey Film Festival demonstrates the ever-increasing popularity of the indie movie – something which Posey herself has certainly made a sizeable contribution to over the course of her career.


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