Egyptian Sphinx Found In Israel, Hieroglyphs Amaze Archaeologists

Egyptian Sphinx Found In Israel, Hieroglyphs Amaze Archaeologists

Archeologist Unearth First Ever Sphinx of Eyptian King Mycerinus – in Israel

Tel Hazor, Israel – the first ever sphinx dedicated to Egyptian King Mycerinus, responsible for the construction of three pyramids in 2500BC, has been found – in Israel. Well, the sphinx was found in modern day Israel.

The actual archaeological site is that of Hazor, the ancient Canaanite city, which existed on the two hundred acre site the sphinx was recently found on. Some evidence at the site suggests that Hazor was destroyed in approximately 13th century BC. It is possible that the city’s destruction coincides with the Biblical account of the conquest of Canaan by the Israelites. However, the archeology is not conclusive in that regard.

What is evident is that the sphinx had its head and extremities cut off which practice was customary by invading marauders of that era. The sphinx recently discovered has the name Mycerinus inscribed on it in hieroglyphics along with an inscription praising the king. Up to this time, no sphinx of the king had been found.

How such a treasure had made its way from Egypt to Canaan is the big question. Some speculate that perhaps it was a gift of sorts between the two nations. Anciently, Hazor was a vassal state to Egypt meaning the nation was subject to the Egyptian monarch but entitled to military protection.

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Egyptian Sphinx Found In israel, Hieroglyphs Stun Archaeologists