elderly couple dies holding hands[/caption]<strong>Elderly Crash Victims Found Holding Hands

elderly couple dies holding hands

Elderly Crash Victims Found Holding Hands[/caption]
Floyd and Margaret Nordhagen didn’t expect it to be their last drive when they were travelling along Washington State’s Newport Highway. But the elderly couple had a date with destiny when their vehicle was struck by a pick-up truck, causing both of their deaths. State troopers report that the couple was found holding hands when they arrived.

Although Mrs. Nordhagen was still alive and responsive, medical workers had to request that she release her tight grip on her husband’s hand so that his body could be removed from the wreckage.

“We actually had to ask her to let go of him, so we could get him out of the car,” a trooper told KREM. Mrs. Nordhagen also died on the scene.

Mrs. Nordhagen died at the scene before rescue workers could transport her to the local hospital for medical help.

It is unclear whether the couple, reported to have been married for 68 years, was holding hands when their car was struck or whether Mrs. Nordhagen reached over and grabbed onto her husband’s hand after she realized the severity of the accident that they had just experienced.

Friends of the couple were not surprised to hear about their final expression of devotion since everyone who knew the Nordhagens saw the passion they had for each other despite the growing years. No word if the truck driver is being cited in the crash.

“I don’t know if they were holding hands before he passed, or if she grabbed him afterwards but it doesn’t matter,” family friend “Britches” Peden also told KREM.

The Nordhagens are survived by their four children, 11 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren.

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