According to MSN News, the neighbor of infamous murderer Ariel Castro has been charged with murder himself.

Sources in the media now report that an individual known as Elias Acevedo, Sr. has been charged with the murders of two women, which took place in the 1990’s. He also faces multiple charges of rape. He confessed to the two murders earlier this week.

Elias Acevedo, Sr., was a neighbor of infamous Cleveland murderer Ariel Castro. Indeed, Acevedo, Sr., occupied a home on the same block as Castro. Sources in law enforcement say that an increase in official scrutiny of the area has uncovered these fresh new murders committed by Acevedo.

The revelation of these crimes has shocked the formerly quite Cleveland neighbor where both Ariel Castro and Elias Acevedo, Sr. lived undisturbed and undetected for many years. New evidence is expected to be presented shortly which will convict Acevedo, Sr., of these shocking crimes.

The body of Acevedo, Sr.’s 20 year old neighbor, Pamela Pemberton, was discovered in 1994. Pemberton has been strangled to death. The case was never solved until now. The rapes of two young girls were also uncovered. The case is set to go to trial very shortly.