The McRib sandwich first debuted on McDonald’s menus thirty two years ago in 1981. At first, the sandwich was a mainstay along with the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder, but it fell out of favor with patrons in 1985 and was subsequently yanked off menus. It later returned for a longer run from 1989 to 2005, but it is now a seasonal item every year.

McDonald’s patrons experiencing a “hankering” for the seasonal return of the rib sandwich, but that might get some pause after an employee uploaded a picture of the frozen rib meat to the internet. The photograph appears to have been taken at a Canadian branch of the fast food giant and shows a worker holding a frozen McRib sandwich patty in his hand. However, the average McDonald’s patron would need to see the frozen slab with a sign attached to it reading “McRib patty” before they’d ever recognize it as such.

The frozen McRib looks more akin to a pink strip of corrugated something where something isn’t rib meat. A spokesman for the fast food giant confirmed the frozen patty is a McRib and spun the rather unappealing appearance of the meat as a good thing.

“We form the iconic McRib in the shape of traditional ribs. We then flash freeze the patty to seal in flavor and freshness, just like you freeze meat in your own freezer.”

A consumer report, quoted by Metro, pointed out that although there are no bones in the ‘meat logs’ there are about 70 other ingredients.

‘The greatest amount of them come from ground-up low-value pork trimmings mixed together with salt and water,’ the 2011 study found.

Frozen McRib Photo Will Make You Question Everything In Life [UPDATED]