NJ Waitress Allegation of Tip Denial Backfires on Her


A waitress posted a receipt from a couple she alleged denied her gratuity due to her homosexuality. Dayna Morales, 22, worked at the Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, NJ on November 13, 2013. Ms. Morales complained to her manager that the individuals offended her by calling Dan, not Dayna.

Ms. Morales posted her copy of the receipt to the Facebook page “Have A Gay Day”, a non-profit organization for people seeking support and advice on alternative lifestyles. This copy had a handwritten note saying there was no tip because of her unacceptable lifestyle.

The post went viral on the web, flooding Ms. Morales with supportive email and cash. Ms. Morales told a television reporter the Wounded Warriors project would get the cash..

One couple recognized the post as their receipt with the tip removed and the note added. Their copy had an $18.00 tip but no comments about her lifestyle. Convinced this was their receipt, they provided their copy and credit card statement to NBC channel 4 in New York. They told the reporter another restaurant employee told them Dan was their waiter, not Dayna. The couple stated they would never return to the restaurant because the transaction was suspicious.

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