Larry Barnett, a man who was attempting to have one of his previous employees killed, had his plans ruined by accidentally butt-calling the intended victim while he was on the phone with the hit man. Because of Barnett’s fault, James Macom was able to overhear everything that Larry was saying during the call; which included the giving of his address and Larry telling the other man on the phone to kill Macom anyway he could to make it look like an accident. James called police and went into the station to file a report, an action that ultimately saved his own life.

According to reports, the butt-dial happened because Larry had pulled out his cellphone to show the suspected hit man James’ contact information; But when he put the phone back in his pocket, the phone dialed James. An accident made by Larry that fortunately spared Macom’s life. When James returned home, with police, it appeared as if an intruder had broken into his home and tampered with the gas oven to start a gas leak. Had Larry not accidentally made that butt-call, James Macom would have likely been killed, and now Larry faces conspiracy to commit murder charges. No word on whether or not the suspected hit man has been found.