Mortons Steakhouse Says Sorry For Shaming Cancer Patient With Hat (PHOTO)

Mortons Steakhouse Says Sorry For Shaming Cancer Patient With Hat (PHOTO)

Morton’s Steakhouse Apologizes for Embarrassing Cancer Victim

Nashville, TN – Morton’s Steakhouse operates a chain of 70 upscale steak restaurants which serve only USDA prime aged beef. Morton’s is the place to go to enjoy a quality steak meal. However, the chain is now dealing with some pretty bad negative press following an incident with a group of 14 patrons.

Mr. Robert Chambers is undergoing chemo therapy and arrived with 13 of his employees to enjoy a nice meal together for the holidays.

Their bill totaled $2,000. However, as they were getting payment settled amongst themselves, Chambers was approached by the restaurant staff to remove the beanie covering his head. He explained it was in place to keep him warm as a result of chemo therapy. However, management insisted that the hat violated their dress code.

Furthermore, they told Chambers he ought to have brought a doctor’s note verifying his medical condition, reports Examiner.

“The chemo I had last gives me a cold sensitivity at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter what I’ve done, there’s a certain point.

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So I’m sitting there at the table, freezing and I put my toboggan on. We’re two or three minutes away from walking out and the manager comes up behind me and says, ‘Would you please take that off in the dining room.’ I said, ‘Sure,'” said Chambers in an interview.

If that wasn’t enough, he was told he should have let them know beforehand so they could seat him somewhere private implying a location where his presence would not be an embarrassment.

Finally, the restaurant brought in police to flush out the group. Following the social media backlash, the chain’s Chief Operating Officer, Tim Whitlock, reached out to Chambers to personally apologize and announce a donation to St. Jude’s Hospital in the amount of their restaurant bill.

“Our executive team has been in contact with Mr. Chambers who fully accepted our apology. There was a complete and total misunderstanding by our staff who had no idea that our guest had a medical condition. Our actions were uninformed and our intentions were not malicious. As a sign of our sincere apology and commitment to the community, we are donating on behalf of Mr. Chambers, $2,000.00 to the St. Jude’s Hospital. In addition, Morton’s The Steakhouse will also partner with Mr. Chambers to underwrite a cancer fundraiser.”

Chambers graciously accepted the apology.

Naturally, customers took to Yelp to voice their disgust with how the restraunt treated Chambers.

“I will never step foot in this establishment along with everyone else who was a part of our party. And we will spread the word of this terrible treatment until an apology is received. Unacceptable to say the least,” one witness said on Yelp.

Morton's Steakhouse apologizes

Morton’s Steakhouse apologizes after telling a cancer victim to remove his hat

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Morton’s Steakhouse apologizes after accusations of mistreating cancer patient