Tennessee Road Rage

In a display entirely unbecoming of the holiday season, A Tennessee man has been arrested for the attempted murder of two motorcyclists. Police say that Rodney Lee Scott, the driver of an SUV, allegedly shot the driver of a motorcycle three times, before ramming his SUV into another.

Scott then fled the scene, but was followed by a number of concerned motorists. When confronted at his home, Scott came out of his garage shooting and shouting racial slurs at one of the men, who was allegedly black. Police later arrived on the scene, and charged Scott with two counts of attempted murder, and one of fleeing the scene.

ABC News adds:

A witness stopped to help, and the three followed Scott to his house and called police, the statement said. While they were waiting in the street for police to arrive, neighbors told deputies that Scott, who is white, shouted racial slurs at the motorcyclists, one of whom is black. Scott then went into his garage and came out shooting at the men with a gun in each hand, the police statement said.

To create a scope of Rodney Scott’s history, police say that Scott was charged with a similar road rage assault incident in 2002, on the exact same road. After the road rage incident and subsequent shooting, Rodney Lee Scott is now being held on a one million dollar bond. And although a definite conclusion has yet to been drawn for Rodney Lee Scott, it can be assured that he will be having a far from happy holiday this year.

Other charges, including fleeing the scene and attempted assault, are pending against Scott.


Tennessee Man Charged in Road-Rage Shooting

Tennessee road rage leads to attempted murder charges

Tennessee Road Rage Leads to Attempted Murder Charge

Tennessee man charged in road-rage shooting