Santa-Letter-San-DIego-1223San Diego Man Fulfills Girls Christmas Wish and Makes Peace with his Deceased Mother

San Diego, CA – Terry Hardin earns a good living as defense contractor in this city of 1.3 million. However, Hardin quietly knew that money wasn’t everything. He had a regret in life and it was regarding the breech in his relationship with his own mother. He didn’t get a chance to resolve those issues with her because she passed away back in August of last year while he was still angry with her.

Sometimes people get a chance at redemption in the smallest of ways. Little Joie, age 5, took part in a letter writing campaign to Santa Claus at her local school in Chula Vista. She put her letter requesting a Little Mermaid doll complete with a bow in a red envelope and set it off attached to a helium balloon. On December 17, the balloon settled on a parking lot in San Diego with Hardin watching it descend. Upon opening the letter and reading the request by a little girl with his mother’s name, he felt the letter was heaven sent and represented just the type of act of kindness to mend things with his mother. With the aid of a local radio station, he was able to locate the young girl and present the doll to her before her class.

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Girl’s Santa letter: San Diego man gets Christmas miracle from ‘heaven’