Los Angeles Horse Rampages

In an unexpected event at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center on Saturday morning, a horse injured seven people as it dashed unimpeded through the complex.

The Burbank Police Department and other authorities investigated and reported on the incident after several calls were taken by dispatch. Several witnesses were interrogated on the scene.

The Verdugo Fire Department responded to the reported call that involved multiple injuries at about 11:43. The witnesses claimed that a horse broke loose near the center complex on a back trail and began a wild dash. Sergeant Darin Ryburn of the Burbank Police Department said the rogue horse struck riders and other horses on its run. Rayburn reported that a total of seven individuals were involved who sustained injuries, most of which were minor and non-life threatening. The victims included three juveniles and four adults. They were transported to local area hospitals. At present, the conditions of the patients are unknown.

The loose horse was eventually contained and restored to the center, which is located at 480 West Riverside Drive in Burbank. The owner of the horse and the circumstances of its escape have not been revealed.

The Los Angeles Equestrian Center is a popular facility for the training and boarding of horses. It is also a popular venue for special equestrian events and shows.