Plus Size Barbie Sparks Debate

Plus Size Barbie Sparks Debate

Furor has arisen over the decision of the Plus Size Modeling, group on facebook to post pictures arguing for the creation of a plus-sized Barbie. According to, the post asked if companies should design dolls to portray plus sizes. The posting had huge support with an overwhelming majority, “liking” the video

Supporters argue that such a doll would portray women more truthfully than the ordinary Barbie and encourage young girls to have a more normal body image. Studies have shown that to reach the traditional Barbie look would require the typical women to grow in height, significantly increase their busts, and reduce their waists.

Detractors, on the other hand argue that the Barbie portrayed is simply too overweight and would fuel the obesity epidemic in American society. Others have argued that the double chinned doll is a mockery of those who are overweight.

In between some argue that the proposed Barbie has gone overboard, giving young girls the option of either Anorexic thinness or unhealthy obesity., who created the image of the plus sized Barbie says that well over half of American Women say they are plus sized and that they are simply advocating the creation of dolls to fit that reality.

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