Beagle Chicken Nuggets

Beagle Chicken Nuggets

beagle chicken nuggets: Clever Dog Steals Chicken Nuggets from Oven: Caught on Video!

“Stupid Pet Tricks” is an old David Letterman segment that Rodd Scheinerman’s beagle Lucy would undoubtedly pass with flying colors. Scheinerman, a young man who just started posting Youtube videos under the heading “Beagles Adventures,” posted a video of Lucy stealing chicken nuggets from the oven.

Scheinerman set up a video camera in his kitchen to track his dog’s behavior and was shocked to find Lucy using simple problem solving techniques to get chicken nuggest out of a small toaster oven. Lucy carefully pushed a chair from the table next to the counter in the kitchen using her paw.

Then, she jumps on the counter and walks to the toaster oven and uses her paw to carefully drop the toaster oven front. She then uses her paw to push the pan with the nuggest to the floor. She drops to the floor and eats the nuggets and finished up her act by washing them down with water.

Beagle Chicken Nuggets

Beagle Chicken Nuggets

The most interesting thing about this video is that Scheinerman has already published a second video, which shows Lucy pulling the same stunt. This shows she didn’t perform these activities accidentally, but was fully aware of what she was doing.

Did Lucy’s owner really leave the house with chicken nuggets cooking in a hot oven?” Scheinderman responded to that question in the comments of this clip saying:

“Yes I did. A few weeks before she had retrieved a roast from the bigger oven. Every day she moves the chair over .Never saw how she did it. I figured she would try to get in the toaster oven. The toast oven shuts its self off on a timer. So I set up the camera. Put the chicken nuggets in an left came back 40 minutes later to the pan on the floor. “

Check out the video of Beagle Chicken nuggets heist below.


beagle chicken nuggets: Beagle Steals Chicken Nuggets from Toaster Oven (Video)

Beagle Steals Chicken Nuggets from Toaster Oven (Video)

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