kanye west gave kim kardashian birkin bag

kanye west gave kim kardashian birkin bag

Kanye West Outdoes Himself with Birken Bag Containing George Condo Painting

A true lover of women knows that a woman is to be adorned in expressions of his unique love towards her as his chosen mate. Rapper Kanye West has certainly done just that with token when he gave a special Hermès Birkin bag to Kim Kardashian for Christmas.

By definition, Birkin bags are specifically customized to the customer’s fancy. These are not ordinary bags either. The price range for a single bag is usually from £4,800 to £100,000 ($7,400 to $150,000 USD).

With all that said, the Birkin bag he bestowed upon his goddess very likely cost more than the typical price range. That is because this bag features a painting by American contemporary artist Georg Condo. Condo brings to his artwork a flair from his roots at the Andy Warhol factory and his own zest for surrealistic art. In the case of Kardashian’s bag, the art featured nudes.

Without a doubt, Kardashian has embraced the gift which is the anticipation of every romantic. When she was photographed with the special bag, her choice of clothing was particularly muted so as to allow the bag to stand out on its own. She also gave fans an up close look via a photograph she uploaded to Instagram.

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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Birkin Bag Covered in Nude Paintings From Fiance Kanye West: Pictures