newlywed basejumper falls to death

newlywed basejumper falls to death

Base Jumper Falls to Her Death

A newlywed woman base jumped off a peak in Zion National Park on Saturday, an activity which is illegal within the park located in Utah.

According to her manager and videographer, Amber Bellows, 26, was an experienced base jumper. After reaching the top of the peak of Mount Kinesava, Amber and her husband, Clayton Butler, decided to make their jump.

Amber was the first to jump, which seemed fine according to her husband. However, during the fall, he noticed her parachute did not deploy correctly, which is what apparently caused the accident to happen. Clayton then tried to jump when he noticed she was having problems, but he was unable to reach her.

Clayton went for help late that afternoon and was able to reach authorities the next morning. Her body was airlifted via helicopter from the rugged terrain at about 10:00 on Sunday morning. The illegal jump and her death is still under investigation by the authorities.

The superintendent of the park, Jim Milestone, did express his condolences to the family. He also went on to express how dangerous base jumping is, even for experienced jumpers like Amber Bellows and Clayton Butler, which is why it is not allowed in the park.

newlywed basejumper falls to death