spring noreaster

spring noreaster

No matter what the calendar says, it’s going to feel a lot more like winter than spring in much of the US this weekend and into next week.

Both USA Today and Slate take note of this not-so-pleasant warning from the National Weather Service: “Nor’easter bomb indicated off the mid-Atlantic coast late Tuesday night.”

That could translate into heavy snow from Virginia to New England. And aside from snow, record lows for late March are expected starting tomorrow across the central and eastern US.

Here’s what the NWS says:

“The east-coast cyclone has the potential to produce late-season heavy snowfall over a wide swath of real estate from Virginia to New England; that is a generality at this point. Much remains in terms of refining the forecast state by state. Another high-impact factor will be the powerful winds generated by this sprawling, intense circulation, along with high seas, beach battery, coastal flooding, and so forth. Again, at this point, such sensible weather effects are simply attendant to the potential of such a storm.”

It might even dip below zero in Minnesota on Sunday