4 year old boy oso mudslide rescue

4 year old boy oso mudslide rescue

4 year old miracle

March 22, 2014 began like every other Saturday. Jonielle Spillers was grocery shopping for her family just outside the area of Oso. Her husband was home with the four children, that included four year old Jacob.

Their home was one of many that was destroyed by the mudslide that devastated the area. Jonielle is still searching for her husband and one of her children. The body of one was found and identified as her four year old daughter and another as her thirteen year old son.

Jonielle thought that the children were on the first floor with her husband watching television. Jacob just happened to have been on the second floor.

Two men recovered Jacob and passed him quickly to a helicopter.One of the two men are still unidentified and left quickly after saving Jacob. Mrs. Spillers has been searching for the men so she can personally thank them for their extraordinary efforts.

Sean Wright has been identified as one of the men who enabled Jacob’s extraordinary rescue. “I don’t feel it was an act of bravery, or anything heroic,” Wright has been quoted as saying. Wright assisted in the rescue of several people that day.
The second man who assisted with the rescue is still unnamed.

The mudslide hit so quickly and feverishly that rescuers are finding many victims are not in one piece. Searchers are currently working in mud that is 70 feet deep in some areas. There are hundreds of Oso Washington residents looking for a miracle, Jacob Spillers proves that there is hope.