Texas Stiletto-Heel Wielding Killer Found Guilty – Faces Life Sentence
Houston, Texas – In a case certain to inspire a crime & slasher film, or at least a made-for-TV film on the Lifetime Network, Ana Trujillo was found guilty of murdering her boyfriend with the pointed edge of her stilettos. She was accused of striking her boyfriend with the sharp edged heel during a disagreement that turned violent. Alf Stefan Andersson, age 59, was both a researcher and professor at the University of Houston. Trujillo, age 45, may well have been stunned by the verdict as she had long maintained she killed Andersson in self-defense. She was devoid of emotion as the verdict was pronounced.

After initially being charged with his death this past June, she was able to post bond and enjoy her freedom as much as one can with the specter of a capitol murder charge hanging over them. Upon being declared guilty, she was taken straightway into county jail. Her sentencing phase begins today. One possible outcome will be life in prison. As a general rule of thumb, the penalty received during sentencing tends to be far more punitive than what the prosecution offered as a plea bargain.

The taxi cab driver who shuttled them back to Andersson’s condo on the night of the killing bore witness that Trujillo was raising her voice in anger at Andersson the entire length of the trip. Once at his condo, the argument resumed and got violent with Andersson falling onto his back. It was at this time that Trujillo went postal pinning him down as she struck his head repeatedly with her stiletto heel. In the end, prosecutors were able to convince the jury that it was Andersson, a native-born Swede who was known to be mild mannered, was the true victim. Their case was bolstered by the fact that Trujillo had no visible injuries to support her claims of self-defense.

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