Thin Yale Student:  Officials At Yale Want Thin Student To Eat More

Thin Yale Student: Officials At Yale Want Thin Student To Eat More

What would you do if the University of your Teen Hood Dreams accused you of having an eating disorder? This happens to many students throughout the country and yet only a small few of the accused are healthy as they can be. They are ridiculed and threatened to have their education taken away for something that isn’t true. In most cases, they feel helpless and hopeless while trying to prove they are indeed healthy! The most recent cases involved a student named Frances Chan.

Frances Chan, a twenty-year-old, Yale student majoring in History was forced to due weigh-ins on a weekly basis due to her being underweight. In other words, Chan was mistaken to have an eating disorder by the university officials. Frances Chan is 5-fee-2-inches weighing at only 92 pounds. The Registered had been talking to Chan since December about her weight and that she would be forced to leave the school if she didn’t gain some weight soon.

“They won’t look past the number on the scale, to see the person right in front in them,” she wrote in The Huffington Post.

And at 5’2″ and 92 pounds, Frances Chan is small, though she says she’s healthy. But after a medical check-up in September, she says university officials threatened to put her on medical leave if she didn’t agree to weekly mandatory weigh-ins and medical appointments because she says they told her her weight was too low.

“Clearly, if someone has an eating disorder there will be a red flag raised according to the body mass index, but you do have to look at other factors. You have to look at someone’s diet, their exercise level, whether or not they have any other health issues,” said Drayer.

“Eating disorders are common among individuals who are high achievers and let’s face it, we see a lot of these types at Ivy League schools,” said nutritionist Lisa Drayer.

As a result to this, Chan was recommended by her doctor to eat ice cream twice daily. She even took it upon herself to eat cookies and take the elevators instead of walking up stairs. With all of that she still didn’t gain any weight. According to csmonitor, Chan said she felt awful to be powerless. Chan stated that Yale Health Officials put too much value on body mass index when it comes to ensuring one is in a state of good health. On the contrary, her doctor did make it known that BMI isn’t the only way to tell if one is actually in a good state of health.

After all the false accusations, France Chan was able to get Yale to drop the months-long demand and get back to living a normal life while getting the degree she deserves!

Thin Yale Student

Thin Yale Student: Thin Yale student Frances Chan says school forced her to eat