dean mcdermott caught: McDermott Opens Up About Affair

dean mcdermott caught: McDermott Opens Up About Affair

Dean McDermott Opens Up About Affair to Get Ratings

Dean McDermott, the 47-year-old embattled husband of 90210 star Tori Spelling, is opening up about his affair with 28-year-old Emily Woodhand. However, his candidness comes with a price: a reality TV show. In a move that starts to make the entire affair seem staged, both Spelling and McDermott agreed to take part in a docu-drama called “True Tori” which shows how the couple deals with McDermott’s extramarital affair. In one scene of the reality show, McDermott tells a friend that he cheated on his wife because he thought he could get away with it.

If the comment is true, it portends to him being what’s known as a risk taker. Risk takers in any sort of sexual deviancy, such as adulterers, are the ones who have the hardest time rehabilitating. He also admits to drinking and taking drugs. Usually, when substance abuse is invoked within the context of a sexual deviancy, it is done to diminish the victimizer’s culpability. It is tantamount to a “Devil made me do it” plea. In fact, he claimed that it’s his brain that wants to bring about his demise. He said his brain wants him to engage in activities that will claim his life. Exactly what part of this explanation is supposed to convince Spelling to stick it out with him?

dean mcdermott caught

dean mcdermott caught

Hospitalized for6 Days? Tori Spellings Health and Marriage Crisis

E! News has reported that actress and reality star Tori Spelling — best known for her portrayal of Donna Martin on the hit teen drama Beverly Hills 90210 — has been hospitalized for an unknown health issue. This is amidst troubles in her well-publicized marriage to Dean McDermott. Tori and Dean — who were both married to other people when they got together — were married in 2006 and have four children together.

dean mcdermott caught

dean mcdermott caught

What is actually going on in her marriage is something that Tori has kept to herself while tabloids accused and speculated that Dean has had countless affairs throughout their relationship. In December of 2013, reports broke that Dean had an affair with a much younger woman. Tori remained tight lipped until April 22, 2014 when the confronted Dean about his affair with Emily Goodhand on the premier of her new reality show ‘True Tori’ on Lifetime television. But some people in the industry — such as TMZ news director Mike Walters — think that Ms. Goodhand doesn’t actually exist and that the whole “affair” was a ruse to promote Tori’s new reality show.

Whether the affair was real or all a figment of their imagination, it seems as if the couple has set their problems aside for the moment.

According to reports, Dean as been at Tori side for her entire hospital stay. In fact, it has been reported that Dean was staying with Tori for up to 10-hours a day, leaving her only to bring her food, take a phone call or get a breath of fresh air. Recent photos of Ms. Spelling show her appearing worn down and frail, but the actual reason as to why she was hospitalized is not known.

Spelling and McDermott are currently appearing on “True Tori,” which follows the couple as they try to salvage their marriage. It recently became public that McDermott cheated on Spelling with 28-year-old Emily Goodhand.

In last week’s premiere episode, McDermott made some negative comments about his sex life with Spelling.

“We would have sex once every two weeks,” McDermott told their therapist during the episode. “It wasn’t fantastic.”

The couple have four children together.


dean mcdermott caught

dean mcdermott caught: Dean McDermott Admits He Cheated On Tori Spelling Because He ‘Didn’t Think He’d Get Caught’

Tori Spelling Hospitalized

Tori Spelling Hospitalized Following Miscarriage

Tori Spelling reportedly hospitalized for six days