taco bell mystery beef:  hey It's Mostly Meat

taco bell mystery beef: hey It’s Mostly Meat

Taco Bell Releases Press Statement on Taco Meat Content – Says It’s 88% Beef

Downey, California – Taco Bell, the undisputed king of Mexican-styled fast-food with 6,500 locations globally, has just put out a statement revealing what the meat content is for their popular taco meat. As per Taco Bell, it’s 88% beef. The rest of the ingredients are a series of additives foremost of which is their secret taco seasoning.

The page says Taco Bell wants you “to know the truth” about the ingredients they use, and each ingredient can be clicked on to provide a brief explanation of why they use it.

“…These ingredients are completely safe and approved by the FDA. They’re common ingredients also found in food items at your grocery store. Each ingredient helps make our Seasoned Beef taste great. Many of them are items you might use at home such as salt, peppers, and spices. Ingredients like oats and sodium phosphates help make sure the texture is right.”

The company has posted the list of what comprises the other 12% of the taco meat. They are:

Cellulose – Plant-based carbs
Trehalose – a sugar said to occur naturally
Oats – helps retain meat humidity
Artificial black pepper flavor
Potassium Chloride – a cheap salt substitute
Soy Lechtin – helps keep the contents compact
Torula yeast – a beef flavor enhancer
Modified corn starch – to thicken the meat mixture
Sodium phosphates – gives the meat its consistency
Citric Acid – a color brightener
Cocoa Powder & Caramel Color – The former keeps the meat “looking brown” and the latter becomes sugar
Lactic acid – used to balance the taste to be just right

The restaurant chain also guarantees “USDA-inspected, 100% premium real beef” and no MSG.

“We believe it’s important that consumers make informed decisions about what they eat, and so for many years have provided details of our ingredients on our website,” Taco Bell spokesman Rob Poetsch told ABC News.

Admittedly, reading the list of items isn’t as appealing as it is to behold a Gordito taco, but at least the company is being forthright. Not everyone would agree though. Back in 2011, an Alabama law firm attempted to bring a class action lawsuit against Taco Bell claiming that only 35% of the taco meat was actually beef. They alleged that soy lecithin and maltodrextrin, and wheat oats were being used in much higher proportions to bring down the cost of the taco meat and boost profits. The claimed that at 35% actual meat content, the taco mixture failed to meet federal guidelines to be called “meat”. They did not prevail in their lawsuit.

So what exactly is in Taco Bell’s secret recipe?

“We start with USDA-inspected quality beef. Then add water to keep it juicy and moist. Mix in Mexican spices and flavors, including salt, chili pepper, onion powder, tomato powder, sugar, garlic powder, and cocoa powder. Combine a little oats, yeast, citric acid, and other ingredients that contribute to the flavor, moisture, consistency, and quality of our seasoned beef.”

Taco Bell has revealed the secret ingredients that go into its famous mystery beef. The fast food chain has launched a new web page that breaks down the "Signature Recipe" that makes up 12 percent of Taco Bell's beef.

Taco Bell has revealed the secret ingredients that go into its famous mystery beef. The fast food chain has launched a new web page that breaks down the “Signature Recipe” that makes up 12 percent of Taco Bell’s beef.

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taco bell mystery beef

taco bell mystery beef

Taco Bell ‘secret’ ingredients revealed: Meat is 88 percent beef