Man dies after struck with toilet at football game

Fans from rival football teams in Brazil went on a rampage that left one man dead after a toilet was thrown at him. The incident occurred after a tie game of 1-1 that put fans at odds. Some fans began to rip out toilets in order to throw them at the rival team’s fans. The Arruda Stadium holds 60,000 people and at least one of those people threw a toilet from the stands.

The toilet struck the man and he died of his injuries shortly after. Police officers said that a fight broke out in front of Gate 6 just before the incident happened. The man had a companion with him; however, everyone fled the scene when the man was hit with the toilet.

Brazil hopes to host the World Cup this year; however, the fan reactions, along with several other problems have plagued the preparations for it. The costs of preparing for it, protests from citizens and accidents during construction have caused numerous delays in completion. Shoot-outs with police, drug trafficking and 39 murders during a police strike have not helped matters either.

Fans of the World Cup are concerned that it will not come to Brazil; however, officials are encouraging fans to be patient with the process. Public unrest and security are major issues in the country right now, but, construction workers continue to work on building the stadium for the event.

It may be difficult for the country to attract fans outside of Brazil to attend considering the serious issues that have continually arisen. The outburst at the football stadium could be one more nail in the coffin of the World Cup game visiting the country. Officials hold out high hopes that they will be successful in completing the stadium to show the world that they have what it takes to host the prestigious event.

Brazil football fan killed by toilet 4

Brazil football fan killed by toilet

Brazil football fan killed by toilet