Texas Police Officer Guns Down 93-year-old Woman

Hearne, Texas – Residents in this small town with a population well under 5,000 are taken aback at the shooting of a 93-year-old woman in front of her own home by a police offer no less. Initially, someone had made a 911 call about a menacing woman armed with a gun.

Two officers arrived at the residence of Pearlie Golden and found her armed. They politely asked the aged woman to put down her weapon, but she would not respond to their petitions.

Finally, one of the officers drew out his weapon and dropped her. As per the sheriff’s office, the elderly woman was injured by the gunshot.

Well, that was an understatement because she did not survive the ambulance ride to St. Joseph’s hospital in the nearby town of Bryan. Given the elderly woman’s age, it is puzzling many why the officers mounted such a forceful response.

As it stands, it appears that forensics has indicated four rounds were shot in the incident, but none have been confirmed to belong to Mrs. Golden’s weapon. Stephen Stem, the officer involved in Mrs. Golden’s shooting death, has been put on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of the investigation, a news release from police said said. The town of less than 5,000 people is about 150 miles south of Dallas.

“While it is too early in the investigation to comment on any of the facts or evidence … I can say that this was a very tragic occurrence,” District Attorney Coty Siegert said. “My prayers go out to the family members of Miss Golden and to the Hearne community as a whole.”

Resident Lawanda Cooke questioned why the Cop would kill a 93-year-old.

“Even if she did have a gun, she is in her 90s. They could have shot in the air to scare her,” Cooke told the station. “Maybe she would have dropped it. I don’t see her shooting anyone.”

Michael Washington, a former city council member who also knew Golden, says this happens too often.

“Under this existing chief, we have had too many incidents,” Washington said. “We can’t solve murders, but we can create them. And they are coming from our police department. I really have a problem with that.”

the Cop kills 93-year-old case is being investigated by the Hearne Police Department, the Texas Rangers and the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office.

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