woman stabs two pit bulls 2

woman stabs two pit bulls 3

woman stabs two pit bulls 4Two Pit Bulls Get Stabbed By Women Defending Herself And Her Dog
After two pit bulls in southern California escaped from their yard due to an open fence, a woman passing by walking her dog had to confront the two pit bulls and defend herself and her dog by stabbing the two dogs with what appeared to be a kitchen fillet knife she carries around with her for protection.

Debbie Duran had to stab the two Pit bulls after she was walking with her friend and 3 German Shepard dogs in their neighorhood in Apple Valley when she saw the first pit charge her friend and one of the dogs. The pit attacked the neck of one of the German Shepards before a second pit which belonged to the same house joined the ruckus by defending the attacking pit.

Debbie says in a statement made to the police explaining what happened that the two pits came at them in attack mode, and did not seem to want to go away before assaulting her dog and her friend. Fearing for their lives and her own, she pulled out her knife and began stabbing the dogs until they lied down dead.

Kathy Suggs, who turned out to be the owner of the two pit bulls defends her dogs saying “Debbie did not have to kill her one year old pit bulls Jojo and Angel.

Kathy added in a statement made to the police that Debbie should not be walking around with a knife, and she was set on attacking her dogs. She didn’t get a chance to pull her two pit bulls away because Debbie Duran was waving her knife all over the place.

The Sheriffs department and animal control claimed that the fault was on Kathy and that she should be fined $200 for leaving her dogs loose in a residential neighborhood. The knife used to kill the dogs was not used as evidence and was returned to Debbie Duran.