Man’s Dead Girlfriend Accompanies Him on Cross-Country Trip

A Michigan man recently took a cross country trip accompanied by his mother and his girlfriend. But things took an unexpected tragic turn when Ray Tomlinson’s 31-year old girlfriend died during their excursion from Arizona to Michigan. Tomlinson made the decision to keep driving, with his girlfriend’s dead body propped up in the passenger seat of his vehicle. He said he made the decision to continue his trip accompanied by his deceased friend because he didn’t want to leave her body in a hospital in some strange town.

Tomlinson also told police officials he was under the assumption that he was not obligated to report his girlfriend’s death until 48 hours had passed, so he bravely decided to press on with his original plans to drive to Detroit in order so he could personally transport his dead girlfriend to her home in Michigan. The 62-year old man said he originally met the young woman last year when she was homeless and he decided he would help her out financially. The pair eventually became a couple, despite the fact that the unidentified woman was hospitalized numerous times within a period of a few months for drug problems.

Police officials say that they do not suspect any foul play in the young woman’s death. Because her body was found with an empty pill bottle, it is suspected she may have expired from an unintentional drug overdose. The woman allegedly died while the trio was passing through either Texas or Oklahoma and by the time Tomlinson reached Michigan, her body had already begun to decompose. Yet Tomlinson still staunchly defends his decision to continue driving cross-country with his dead girlfriend’s body, telling police he was overcome with grief after having just lost a person he considered to be “a very close friend.”

this isn’t the first time someone was driving around with a dead body in the car.

In 2010, a woman drove around for ten months with the body of her dead friend concealed in her car.

As the flesh started to decompose she scattered baking soda in the vehicle to try to cover up the smell.

By the time the police discovered the dead body it was partially mummified and consisted of just skin and bones. It weighed just 30lb.

The 57-year-old driver, from nearby Costa Mesa, said she did not know what to do when her friend died suddenly.