Bodies found in suitcases in Geneva Wisconsin

The residents of Geneva, Wisconsin, are rattled after highway workers found suitcases last Thursday that contained two bodies inside.

Geneva is a small town located about 50 miles southwest of Milwaukee. The highway workers initially found the suitcases while mowing the ditch in town and then moved them onto the roadside until they finished mowing. A motorist saw the suitcases on the road and called local police who opened the cases and discovered the bodies. Steven Hurley, chief of police, said there seemed to be only one body in each of the suitcases but he declined to comment any more on the remains. The place where the suitcases were found is only about a quarter of a mile from the Geneva police station and is surrounded mostly by corn fields. He described Geneva as a small, close-knit community. It is located on Lake Como with a population of about 4,000 residents.

The bodies of the two people have not yet been identified but autopsies were being performed by the Waukesha county Medical Examiner’s Office last Friday to determine how the victims had died and identify them. The police department did not have any reports of anyone missing in Geneva but was contacting other departments in the area regarding reports of missing people.

Local resident Jim Daily, 70, lives about a half mile from where the suitcases were found. He said the grass was tall around the ditch at the time but that he didn’t remember seeing any cars parked in that area in the past few days. When he came home last week to find the road blocked off but was told residents were not in any danger.

“I feel very uncomfortable,” Alysia Olcott, 19, told AP. “I thought this was a nice little area. I never thought it would happen here. Was this a crime committed further away or was it (committed) close to home? It’s pretty disturbing.”

It “scares me,” said 29-year-old Jessica Finster. “There are bodies in suitcases right down the street from where I work. It’s kind of creepy. It’s like ‘CSI.’ But that doesn’t happen around here. I’ve never heard of someone in a suitcase left on the side of the road except in a fictional story.”

Most of the town’s residents say they are still frightened even though the chief said he did not think the bodies were killed there the suitcases were located.
The investigation is ongoing.

Bodies found in suitcases in Geneva Wisconsin

Bodies found in suitcases in Geneva Wisconsin

Bodies found in suitcases in Geneva Wisconsin

Two bodies, in two suitcases, in rural Wisconsin town