Father hits high school teacher with bat

A teacher refused to press charges against the father of one of his students after the father hit him with a baseball bat. Troubles arose between the parents and teacher when the 15-year-old girl’s mother found text messages from the 42-year-old teacher on her daughter’s cell phone. The mother felt the text messages were not appropriate and discussed the situation with the father.

The teacher decided that he wanted to discuss the situation with the father and went to the student’s home. The father asked the man to leave the premises; however, the teacher refused because he wanted to talk about the situation. The father proceeded to get a baseball bat out, and he then struck the teacher with it. Investigators did not reveal why the teacher refused to press charges against the father, reports the Huff Post.

Investigators said that they had no plans to press charges against the teacher for the text messages. They did not elaborate on their reasons why. It is only clear that they did not feel that the messages were inappropriate. The Crimes against Children Unit said that their investigation was ongoing. The exact nature of the messages has not been released, so it is too soon to determine a possible outcome.

The names of the parents and teenager have not been released by the Crimes against Children Unit. According to police, they searched through the text messages, and although they revealed an emotional relationship between the student and teacher, no crime was committed and that is why no charges were filed against the teacher. The father could still file trespassing charges against the teacher for refusing to leave the property when the father asked him too. At the time of the report, the father had not moved forward to press charges in that matter, and it not likely to occur.


Dad Hits Teacher With Baseball Bat After ‘Inappropriate’ Texts Sent To Daughter

father teacher baseball bat Over Texts To Daughter