Las Vegas, Nevada – Jerad Miller, age 31, and his wife Amanda, age 22, are now dead. Jerad was the victim of his wife who then took her own life. Their murder-suicide came as they were cornered by Vegas police officers responding to their shooting two police officers dead as they enjoyed lunch at a local pizzeria. Another innocent person was killed as he tried to stop the couple from engaging in their shooting spree. Reports have emerged that after the Millers killed the officers, they draped a Nazi Swastika on the body of one of the fallen officers. The officers who lost their lives were Igor Soldo and Alyn Beck.

In the aftermath, police have found various pieces of evidence pointing to the fact that the homicidal couple ascribed to a racist ideology. They were convinced that a revolution was needed and that they would kick start the movement by taking the lives of unsuspecting people and ending by killing themselves. Curiously enough, the couple liked to dress up as the Joker, Batman’s arch rival, and Slenderman, the mythical ghoul-like tall man at the center of two recent stabbings.

At this point, authorities do not believe that the couple were part of any larger conspiracy to commit murder and that they acted alone in their murderous plans for white supremacy. Both Mr. and Mrs. Miller were known for spewing their vitriol towards minorities they blamed for America’s woes. Over time, their hatred expanded to police officers who eventually became the target of their initial attack described as an ambush. They were also supporters of rogue rancher Cliven Bundy. The Millers had even been at the Bundy family ranch in support of them, but were asked to leave when it became apparent they were exhibiting increasingly radical behavior.