World’s Oldest Man Dies at Age 111

Manhattan, New York – Proving that you’re never too old to make new accomplishments, Polish-American Alexander Imich became the world’s oldest living man. He didn’t hold the title very long, but that wasn’t really necessary. Once he earned the distinction, he would be forever known by his family as once having been certified as the world’s oldest living man.

He celebrated his 111th birthday this past February 4. Now, his grandniece has confirmed that he passed away this weekend at the retirement home where he was living for the past 28 years. Put another way, if Mr. Imich had owned a whole life insurance policy, he would have been paid out the death benefit in full between ages 100 and 104. That is something very few insured people ever live to see.

Mr. Imich earned the distinction on April 24 of this year when the man slightly older than him passed away in Italy. Within days of earning the honorable distinction, he was interviewed and was quite circumspect about the honor confessing that it wasn’t as if he had done something notable like win the Nobel Prize.

What was the key to his longevity? He believed it was the fact that he never drank alcohol, ate modestly, and exercised regularly. He also said that he and his wife never had children which he said contributed to their good health. His ambitions and studies were largely affected by the anti-Semitism of his day, but eventually he was able to pursue a study in chemistry in the 1920s and 30s. He earned much of his distinction in the study of the paranormal as a researcher in the Matylda S. project to scientifically examine séances. In death, he wanted his body to further the cause of science. Therefore, he willed it to the Mount Sinai Medical Center for that purpose.

Alexander Imich, the world's oldest living man, died on June 8, 2014. (Mike Segar/Reuters)

Alexander Imich, the world’s oldest living man, died on June 8, 2014.
(Mike Segar/Reuters)

Rank Name Sex Birth date Death date Age Place of death or residence
1 Jeanne Calment F 21 February 1875 4 August 1997 122 years, 164 days France
2 Sarah Knauss F 24 September 1880 30 December 1999 119 years, 97 days United States
3 Lucy Hannah F 16 July 1875 21 March 1993 117 years, 248 days United States
4 Marie-Louise Meilleur F 29 August 1880 16 April 1998 117 years, 230 days Canada
5 María Capovilla F 14 September 1889 27 August 2006 116 years, 347 days Ecuador
6 Tane Ikai F 18 January 1879 12 July 1995 116 years, 175 days Japan
7 Elizabeth Bolden F 15 August 1890 11 December 2006 116 years, 118 days United States
8 Besse Cooper F 26 August 1896 4 December 2012 116 years, 100 days United States
9 Misao Okawa[4] F 5 March 1898 Living[4] 116 years,97 days Japan
10 Jiroemon Kimura M 19 April 1897 12 June 2013 116 years, 54 days Japan

Ten verified oldest people living

Rank Name Sex Birth date Age as of 10 June 2014 Place of residence
1 Misao Okawa
F 5 March 1898 116 years, 97 days Japan
2 Jeralean Talley
F 23 May 1899 115 years, 18 days United States
3 Susannah Mushatt Jones
F 6 July 1899 114 years, 339 days United States
4 Bernice Madigan
F 24 July 1899 114 years, 321 days United States
5 Emma Morano-Martinuzzi
F 29 November 1899 114 years, 193 days Italy
6 Anna Henderson
F 5 March 1900 114 years, 97 days United States
7 Antonia Gerena Rivera
F 19 May 1900 114 years, 22 days United States
8 Ethel Lang
F 27 May 1900 114 years, 14 days United Kingdom
9 Nabi Tajima
F 4 August 1900 113 years, 310 days Japan
10 Blanche Cobb
F 8 September 1900 113 years, 275 days United States