The Unique And Rareness Of The Yellow Lobster

It’s been told 1 in 30 million there’s a chance of finding a yellow lobster. That’s how unique and rare yellow lobsters are. I didn’t know myself that there was such a thing as yellow lobsters to begin with. It’s true what people say. You learn something new every day! A yellow lobster was found in Waterford Connecticut. Reference KHON2.

States that a yellow lobster is also called a Calico lobster.

Searching through sites it’s hard to find much on yellow lobsters. The information is just as rare as the yellow lobster itself.

Researcher Michael Tlusty expresses it’s a very rare genetic mutation that seems to produce these amazing yellow lobsters.

The yellow lobster’s bright color makes it easier for predators to see them. Maybe that’s why they are rare. If they are easily spotted they are easily eaten.

June 9th 2014 Jere Lacoske is a fisherman who caught a yellow lobster. He’s hoping to send it to Mystic Aquarium to put on display for the public to see and enjoy. If no one wants it he stated he was going to release it back into the water. Coloring of lobster’s pigment, the gene is just about the same that give us eye coloration. They state lobsters of all color variations are safe to eat.

July 30th 2010 a rare yellow lobster went on exhibit at Niagra Aquarium in Niagra falls. The yellow lobster’s age was estimated at 30 years of age. The lobster’s name is Paris. A yellow lobster was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia then was sent to Massachusetts.

Out of the small research I’ve found pertaining to yellow lobsters they had been sent to aquariums for show or released back into the waters they came from. None have stated that they’ve been eaten. I am glad they are still alive either way.