Skydiver Breaks Plane

Skydiving is generally seen as an adrenaline rush that someone seeks out of personal desire rather than necessity. Shawn Kinmartin is a pilot who flew sky divers up into the air, but he was not a man who personally took part in the activity. At least not until necessity dictated it when one of his clients broke his plane.

What Happened?

Kinmartin was flying a Cessna 182, and everything was going just fine until his last client jumped. When the client jumped out he struck the elevator, a part of the plane that controls ascent and descent. Kinmartin spent ten minutes trying to regain control of the plane, but quickly realized that there was nothing he could do because of the busted part.

What Did He Do?

Once Kinmartin realized he didn’t have any other options, he grabbed a parachute, strapped it on, and navigated the plane over some farm fields. He knew the Cessna was going down, and he wanted to be sure it went down in a place where it wouldn’t hurt anyone. The Cessna was at approximately 2,000 feet when Kinmartin made his jump, and the plane spiraled down to crash in a field where, though wrecked, no one was hurt.

Did It All Come Out All Right?

While there’s no word on whether or not Kinmartin would be inclined to jump out of a perfectly functional aircraft, his jump from the broken Cessna appears to have ended with no problems and with the 21 year old pilot no worse for wear. What he intends to do about his plane, and the damage it caused to the real estate it plowed into remains unclear yet, but the pilot seems generally pleased to be among the living. And, if one wants to be technical, no longer a sky diving virgin.

Skydiver Breaks Plane

Skydiver Breaks Plane

Pilot Jumps After Skydiver Breaks Plane