Nuns in Stone Park Illinois File Suit Against A Neighboring Strip Club

The nuns of a Stone Park, Illinois neighborhood are now suing a strip club establishment that is located next door to them, on the grounds that they claim the strip club has violated a city ordinance that prohibits places like night clubs and strip club entertainment businesses, to be within 1000 feet of a neighboring church or other place of worship.

According to the nuns, they cannot concentrate when praying, because of the vibrations and reverberant music coming from the strip club during oddly random hours.
The club in question is an exotic dance club called Club Allure Chicago, and the name of the convent who has filed suit against them is The Sisters of St. Charles. While The Sisters of St. Charles have been at that location since the mid 1960’s, Club Allure Chicago moved into the building next door to them in September of 2013.

The sisters claim that they have had to endure through such things as putting up with unsightly grounds that are littered with broken glass, half empty beer and whiskey bottles. They frequently have to hear deal with people who are drunk and violent, and they have seen condoms discarded along the property.

Sister Noemia Silver says, “Our sisters’ sacred space has been invaded. At night now they hear the music when they’re praying. That’s uncalled for.”

Attorney for The Thomas Moore Society, Peter Breen, stated the nuns have a right to pray and work peacefully without interference, however Dean Krone – representative for Stone Park Village – insists that the lawsuit is unfounded and that the nuns have no police reports to back up their claims.

“The Sisters have every right to pray and work peacefully without disruption from a strip club in their backyard,” Peter Breen, the lawyer for the nuns, said in a statement.

While the owner of the nightclub insists on quoting the bible text that says you should, “Love thy neighbor as yourself” the nuns are fed up.

A representative for the club was not immediately available for comment.

Stone Park attorney Dean Krone said on Tuesday that the 1,000-foot limit applies to most of the state, but a one-mile (1.6 km) restriction applies to suburban Cook County, which includes Stone Park.

He said the Cook County limit is unconstitutional because it would prohibit any kind of strip club in the small towns in the county, which would violate free speech protections.

The village of Melrose Park and three of its residents also joined the nuns in the lawsuit.

nuns sue strip club

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nuns sue strip club

‘Love thy neighbor’? Nuns sue nearby strip club