Marbles Championship Winners Receive A $2k Prize is reporting that the winners of the 2014 National Marbles Championship have received a whopping $2,000 in prize money for their world class demonstration of marble mastery. Two teenagers, both of whom hail from the neighboring state of Maryland, have taken it all by demonstrating their love and devotion to the somewhat obscure sport. Marilyn Fisher is the undisputed Tournament Queen, while Dominic Rudakevych took home the title of Tournament King. Both were gracious in victory.

Marilyn Fisher and Dominic Rudakevych showed they had what it takes to be world class winners at the 91st Annual National Marbles Championship, which was held in the seaside town of Wildwood, New Jersey. In addition to their whopping $2,000 prize, they also received a number of other mementos and keepsakes, including special championship crowns, commemorative watches, and (of course) their very own National Marbles Championship trophies.

Of course, Marilyn Fisher and Dominic Rudakevych weren’t the only contestants in the ancient and venerable marbles competition. An entire troop of some forty-two male and female contestants involved themselves in this year’s championship tournament. The game of marbles, at least in the 21st century, consists of an attempt to keep the key “shooter” marble inside of a specially enclosed ring, while also shooting 13 “target” marbles outside of the ring. According to young Rudakevych, his favorite part of the game is the “suspense” it conjures up within him as he plays.

It was a tough and brutal competition. Becoming the National Marbles Championship victor is no day at the beach, even if the championship was held at Wildwood this year. The victory took many hard months of blood, sweat, and toil to carry off, but was rendered all worth it when the trophies, watches, and especially, the $2,000 checks were handed out.