Cameron Partridge, Transgendered Priest


According to an article recently published by¬†television channel WJLA, Reverend Cameron Partridge, who is an Episcopal chaplain at Boston University, a staple member of the legendary East Coast Ivy League, has recently been a guest preacher at Washington National Cathedral. The appearance by an Episcopal preacher at such a staid, “old money” based, religious institution would have been as routine and humdrum an event as can be possibly be imagined, except for one thing: Rev. Partridge used to be a woman.

In fact during the course of his extremely revealing (some would allege, entirely too revealing) confessional address, the Reverend Partridge recalled in great detail how he used to be a woman, and an openly gay woman at that. Since then, of course, the former Ms. Partridge underwent a voluntary course of gender reassignment surgery, emerging at the other end as the respectably male Rev. Partridge. In his speech, the Rev. made reference to his opinion that “transgendered people often have suffered “intense oppression, isolation and despair.”

The dean of Washington Cathedral, Reverend Gary Hall, has been a key ally of the former Ms., now Rev., Partridge. The Reverend recently contributed his opinion of the entire affair in a recent statement to the media: “(I hope Partridge’s address) will send a symbolic message in support of greater equality for the transgender community.”

Of course, the Episcopal Church has long been a bastion of “religious progressivism”,a tag which many on the other side of the ideological divide have sought to demonize and counteract. No word has yet come from staunch allies of the Religious Right, such as Pastor Rick Warren or the Westboro Baptist Church, on whether any protests or boycotts are being planned. In the meantime, Reverend Partridge continues to enjoy mass support and acclaim from the public.

Cameron Partridge preaches cathedral

Cameron Partridge preaches cathedral