Rex Hudler Aces Foul Ball


Legendary member of the Kansas City Royals sportscasting broadcast booth, Rex Hudler, recently made a young baseball fan very happy. According to an article published by Deadspin, Hudler reached out to catch the foul ball even as he was commenting on the play. He then passed the ball down to a young child as a valuable souvenir of the day.

The wild save occurred in the bottom of the second inning at a home game for Major League Baseball’s Kansas City Royals team. At the plate was Salvador Perez, who hit a ball foul off of pitcher Chris Young. Luckily, Perez was standing steadfast at 1-1 before the foul hack, so his bad bat wasn’t the end of his appearance. However, the foul hit did send the ball straight up to the Kansas City Royals broadcasting booth, and into the bare hands of Rex Hudler, who currently serves as the team’s color commentary broadcaster.

As Steve Physioc, the Royals play by play expert, called the action, Hudler reached out, caught the ball with no glove, and then proceeded to celebrate. Hudler waved his arms in the air, in a sort of “V for Victory” fashion, then proceeded to regale his fellow broadcasters with a story of how his mother had always cajoled him to be humble as a sportsman. However, he admitted that his mother’s admonition didn’t always cut the mustard with him at critical times such as this one.

In the end, a young child received possibly his first ever souvenir from a Major League Baseball game. Along with that precious ball came a story that the child will be able to tell his own children and grandchildren in the years to come. Meanwhile, Hudler laughed off the incident, taking it all in stride as he went straight back to work.

rex hudler foul ball

rex hudler foul ball