911 Dispatcher Handles Call from Her Fiancé, Prevents Son from Choking

It is necessary that 911 dispatchers are always calm and cool, no matter how disturbed the person on the other side of the line is. However, Britney Melchor who is a 911 dispatcher living in California took the calmness to a whole new plane when, in the middle of an emergency call, she realized that she was talking to her fiancé and the person in trouble was her son who is 14 months old.

She says that her fiancé, Robert Kimball, called and said that the toddler had swollen a metal washer and was having trouble breathing. It was only when he mentioned his address that Melchor made the connection. She panicked for just a second before collecting her bearings and instructing his fiancé about how exactly to approach the problem. The moments after this were terrifying as Kimball tried to dislodge the stuck piece of washer. However, he manage to get it out at last and informed that the child was breathing properly again.

It was an agonizing call for Melchor who, despite being a specialist, was unable to be physically present for her child, having to do with instructing on the phone. However, her fiancé and the father of the 14 month old child, used to be a hospital orderly and he must have picked up something from there because he managed to save his son’s life. He reveals how terrifying the experience was for him, given that he is extremely protective of his son.

Luckily, though, mom was just there on the phone, offering her expert advice to the dad about how to get the washer out and disaster was averted. Melchor was aware that if she lost her cool and went into mommy mode, her son’s life could be threatened and for that reason, she soldiered on.

911 dispatcher fiance help

911 dispatcher fiance help: 911 Dispatcher Answers Fiance’s Call, Helps Save Choking Son