Bacteria found new swimsuits: Why New Swimsuits Are Cesspools

Bacteria found new swimsuits: Why New Swimsuits Are Cesspools

The Gross Truth: Bacteria even found on new swimsuits

Germs ( also known as) bacteria are found everywhere in this world. From your cell phone to the shared t.v. remote. On the floor that you walk on, in your kitchen, and even on your hairbrush. It is absolutely amazing how we can live in a world full of so many germs amidst. Lucky for us our bodies are specially equipped to fight off germs and bacteria.

When you try on a brand new bathing suit you would not entirely think about the fact that there are germs on the bathing suit. Most likely you are putting a protective liner on the bathing suit, and feeling good about the fact that it is bacteria free.

If you do put a protective liner on the bathing suit before you put it on I can tell you that you are wasting your time.

The protective removable liner in women’s swimsuits do not do their job in protecting the fabric from our germs. There is still bacteria from the person who previously wore it still lingering on the bathing suit. Turns out that microbe researchers have even found germs in brand new bathing suits. That is the gross truth. No matter what we do we cannot escape germs. However there is an upside to this germ horror story.

Most common germs are not transmitted deadly, and pose little to no risk what- so- ever. So while the bacteria recently found on the inside of brand new bathing suits may completely gross you out keep peace in mind that most bacteria will not harm your health.

If you are still worried about trying on bathing suits now that you have been exposed to the truth I would strongly advise you to wear your own underwear when trying on a bathing suit.


Even though the risk is remote, there are some simple ways to minimize the risk of contact during a swimsuit shopping spree.

  1. Wear protection. Because swimsuit liners can be easily removed and are often worn by more than one person, Tierno recommends keeping your underwear on when trying them on. Then, be sure to wash that pair of undies when you get home.
  2. Wash your suit. Buying a new swimsuit that’s been tried on by others is very much like buying used clothing from a thrift store in terms of germs, says Tierno. Pop your new suit in the washing machine before heading to the beach. Soapy water will dislodge the germs that may otherwise make you sick. Even for men, who may be less likely to try on trunks in the dressing room, washing is still key. The articles often come from foreign countries and have been contaminated, not only by dirty hands, but by germ-ridden machinery.
  3. Hit the sink. It’s not only about cleaning the swimsuit — cleaning yourself is just as vital when it comes to trying on swimwear. “Hand washing is the single most important thing to do to protect yourself after handling dirty items,” Tierno tells The Huffington Post. “So don’t go to eat directly after buying your swimsuit.”


New Swimsuits Are Cesspools of Gross Germs