Convenience Store Worker Rescues Puppy Hucked into Dumpster

Oshkosh, Wisconsin – It was a day like any other for a convenience store worker at the Planeview Travel Plaza in this Wisconsin city of 66,000. Well, it was normal until the worker tossed some boxes into the dumpster and overhead a dog whimper. It turns out that he found a fragile puppy stuffed inside a plastic bag which was placed inside the dumpster to die. He was able to rescue the lovable fur ball which had begun to show signs that the heat inside the bag was taking a toll on it.

Mike Thorp, the store manager, is the person who made the rescue. It is believed to have been in the black plastic bag for close to 90 minutes. In fact, the puppy was minutes away from dying when Thorp rescued it. After phoning a local animal shelter to treat the puppy’s injuries, he went a step further and reviewed the surveillance video and spotted the perp responsible for trying to kill the puppy.

“Garbage there, and you have the bag in his hand, as he walks around behind and places it behind that Dumpster,” Lamore said.

“I wanted to kill somebody. I can’t believe people can do that,” Planeview restaurant manager Mike Thorp said.

It turns out it’s a truck driver, but as anyone who’s seen surveillance video knows, it’s not easy to identify a person from the low-resolution video. He is hoping that the public can identify the man who presumably would be brought up on animal cruelty charges.

According to Wbay, the puppy was initially treated at St. Bernard’s Animal Hospital.

“It became apparent that I think she has an injury to her back end, which is causing the disfigurement, and I think pain, too,” veterinarian Kim Everson said.

Predictably, the public is raising all manner of alternate courses of action the man could have taken from the obvious one of dropping it off at a shelter or asking the store manager for assistance. Thankfully, the pup is now recovering at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society after it was treated at the animal hospital. There’s no word yet if anyone has stepped forward wanting to adopt it. Animal cruelty occurs far too often and despite the harrowing experience, this puppy was one of the lucky ones.

Anyone with information about the case can contact Winnebago Countywide Crime Stoppers by calling (920) 231-8477 or texting “IGOTYA” and the tip to 274637 (CRIMES).


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UPDATE-2: Puppy rescued from trash; truck driver being sought