Man calls 911 after cat attacks family in Oregon

Man calls 911 after cat attacks family in Oregon

911 call after a Cat attack

Recently Lee Palmer of Portland Oregon had to call 911 after his cat attacked his child. The man who lives in Oregon reportedly said that he had to kick his cat “in the rear” in order to protect his family. After that the cat apparently went crazy which forced the Oregon man to have to barricade himself, his girlfriend, his small child, and the family dog in the master bedroom. The cat apparently charged at the door several times before the police arrived.

The Police were able to use a dog snare to capture the cat and then place it in a crate.
The story has gained media attention nationally and the family has received several propositions to adopt the cat. The family has stated that they are not going to take people up on those offers. They say that the cat is “part of the family” even though this cat apparently scratched the four month old on the head. They are not planning to give the cat away.

The family has taken the cat to a veterinarian to see if there is a medical reason for the cat being so hostile. They also claim that they have hired a pet psychologist to spend some time with the pet. Hopefully they will find a solution to the cat’s aggression.

While the commitment to keeping the family together the nation has been put on notice about the dangers of angry animals. These cats can be quite dangerous especially if you have a young child that cannot defend themselves. If you have an aggressive animal in your house, then you definitely should seek help before the situation gets bad. Time will only tell if this cat and his family eventually are able to reconcile their differences and become a happy family again. The nation certainly will keep an eye on it.–man-calls-911-police-therapy