Judge Upbraids Defendant During Sentencing Stating He Needed a Beating
Detroit, Michigan – It didn’t take long for the legal system to come down swiftly upon the African-American males who beat a white motorist unconscious after the man had struck a child with his truck. The motorist was Steve Utash and the incident took place on April 21 of this year. Once Utash had realized the hit the 10-year-old lad, he jumped out of his truck to come to the boy’s aid. He didn’t get very far because a mob of African-American men jumped on him and beat him senseless. Utash was rushed to the hospital in a coma, but emerged from it days later.

The men involved in the incident have been rounded up and sentenced as follows:
Wonzey Saffold, age 30, will serve a prison term of 6 years 4 months to 10 years.
Bruce Wimbush, age 18, will serve three years’ probation
Latrez Cummings, age 19, will serve 6 months in county jail and three years’ probation

With the distraught family of Steve Utash in court watching, presiding judge James Callahan upbraided Mr. Cummings explaining to him that he needed to have someone administer to him a physical beating sufficient to remove all tendency to ever think that it was acceptable to lay physical violence on another person. The judge later apologized to the Utash family for his comments.

Lisa Lindsay, the prosecuting attorney, would have nothing of it because she believes Cummings should receive a much harsher sentence. She rebuked the judge for going soft on Cummings and announced she will appeal the sentence. Lindsay cited the fact that other Black youth grow up without a father figure and do not turn to violence. The judge clarified that his remarks were independent of any race and apply equally to all people. Cummings then took time to apologize to the Utash family for his actions.