Longhorn’s 2014 Media Guide Has Misspells Name Texas
Austin, Texas – The 2014 Media Guide for the Texas Longhorns has a notable typo or misspelling in the team’s website. The letters “a” and “s” are transposed so that team’s biography website reads www.TexsaSports.com as opposed to www.TexsasSports.com. As per Sports Illustrated, there’s no guarantee that the mistake was an honest one. It could well be high visibility prank. It’s not as if there isn’t precedent for this conclusion either. The 2012 Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs commencement packet curiously omitted the letter “l” from the word “public” making a spectacle of the department. That mistake led to the university issuing an apology.

Given the intense rivalries that exist in the Big 12 NCAA Conference, it’s possible that someone could have gotten a one up on the school. The Longhorns are by no means a pushover team. However, the Big 12 conference is one of the most competitive conferences in college football. This year the Longhorns are ranked to finish in fourth place behind the Oklahoma Sooners, Baylor, and Kansas State as the top three respectively. In particular, the Sooners are the archrival of the Longhorns.

If that were all the team had to deal with it would be no big deal. However, two of their wide receivers face serious felony sexual assault charges. Officers arrested Montreal Meander and Kendall Sanders for the alleged rape of a female coed on June 21. Head Coach Charlie Strong is not taking any risks with the players and has put them on suspension pending the outcome of the charges. Brian Roark, attorney for Sanders, proclaimed his client’s innocence and was clear he will vigorously defend his client’s reputation. For his part, Coach Strong has admonished the other team members about the need to maintain a spirit of respect among all women.

Longhorn's 2014 Media Guide Has Misspells Name Texas

Longhorn’s 2014 Media Guide Has Misspells Name Texas