Maine Family of Five Killed at Hands of Husband-Father

Saco, Maine – The peace and calm of this small Northeast town of 19,000 people was disturbed by the gruesome murder-homicide of a desperate husband found dead beside a shotgun after he apparently had murdered his wife and three children. Police believe Joel Smith, age 33, turned homicidal after the dire state of the economy left the family in financial ruin. Besides taking his own life, he claimed the lives of his wife Heather Smith, age 35, and their three children Lily Smith, Noah & Jason Montez ages 4, 7, and 12 respectively.

While Mr. Smith did leave behind a suicide note, investigators report that his wife apparently expressed her concerns over his state of mental health to a dear friend the night before their deaths. It is not clear if Mrs. Smith was worried for her family’s safety, but she did state that her husband confessed to feeling suicidal as a result of their financial problems. Her friend grew increasingly worried and the following morning contacted the apartment complex where family resided to have them check up on the family. By that time, it was too late. The apartment worker found a massacre inside the apartment. Police officers have confirmed that besides financial problems, the family did have domestic problems as well.

The family had been living in Mesa, Arizona, in proximity to Joel’s family, but a dearth of jobs forced them to move across the country to the northernmost state. The Associated Press was able to reach Jerys Caruthers-Thorpe, Joel’s mother, who expressed her belief that her son would only have committed such a heinous crime if he had somehow snapped. Otherwise, such behavior was completely out of character for him. The former babysitter for the children admits she is still somewhat in denial as it is hard to accept the three lovely children she tended are dead.

Family Of 5 Shot In Maine