Infant Dies In Car Seat
A baby girl dies from being left in the back seat of her foster parents car in 90 degree weather. The foster parent of the infant was arrested by police on suspicion of aggravated endangerment.

Seth Jackson, 29 and his partner had returned home with their 5 year old son and infant daughter but had left the 10 month baby strapped in a car seat for two hours before Jackson realized the infant was still in the car. The other foster parent isn’t being charged at this time by police.

Both foster parents were in the process of adopting the 10 month old infant. Mr. Jackson and his partner have three foster children ages 3, 5, and 18 and also have two adopted children ages 5 and 7.

The other foster children in the home will be taken into protective custody with the state and the 10 month old infants siblings will remain with relatives for now.

Human Remains Found In Several Back Yards
Chinelle Latoya Thompson Browne was found dead in several different parts of Long Island, N.Y.. Leah Cuevas will be facing a judge for the suspected homicide and mutilation of Browne. Body parts of Browne were located around Long Island earlier this month.

Cuevas had pretended to be the property-owner where the victim lived. Detectives in the case stated that Cuevas was not the owner, but had falsified the deed for the apartment building showing her as the owner. The real owner had already died. Apparently detectives stated that Cuevas had brutally assaulted Browne when she threatened to reveal her. The apparent attack is understood to have happened in Cuevas’apartment.

If Cuevas is convicted, she faces life in prison.
Investigators: Brooklyn Murder Victim May Have Threatened To Expose Suspect’s Secret