man sleepwalks off cliff, survives

man sleepwalks off cliff, survives

Sleepwalker Camps on Edge of a Cliff – Ends of Walking Off in His Sleep

Powell County, Kentucky – If you have a problem sleepwalking, it is probably not the best idea to camp on the edge of a cliff. That would have saved one Cincinnati native a whole world of hurt this past Thursday morning.

The man hooked up with some buddies at a campsite in close proximity to a cliff near the Red River Gorge. All was well, until his friends were unable to locate him. By 1:15AM, they phoned authorities alerting them to his disappearance.

It only took a rescue crew a few hours to locate the man.

He was over 18 meters (~60 feet) down from the edge of the cliff. Understandably, he wasn’t doing very well. His knocked his head pretty good on one of the boulders, broke a leg, and dislocated a shoulder. Despite the accident, his prognosis is excellent. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery. According to Powell County Emergency Management, he is recovering at University of Kentucky Hospital.

A rope technician who was involved in the rescue effort said he believes man experienced a miracle. For the time being, the man’s identity is being kept private. Among his friends, he will likely never live this down.

“He fell approximately 60 feet, landed in an area that was littered with large boulders,” said Wolfe County rope technician John May.

“The campers who were with him found him at the bottom of a 60 foot cliff. The individual has a history of sleepwalking. So camping on a cliff ledge, that’s probably what led to this incident,” May said.


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