Obama Makes Good on Beer Bet

President Obama did not make good on his pledge to tens of millions of Americans that if they liked their health insurance, they’d get to keep it. However, did prove to be a man of his word when it came to his beer bet over the outcome of the World Cup held in Brazil. The friendly wager was first offered by Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo of Belgium before the US squared off with his nation during the 16th round. Di Rupo made the wager via a tweet. The winner would receive a case of the losing nation’s best brew.

Obama was said to have accepted the wager even though he never formally tweeted back words to that effect. In the end, he made good and sent Di Rupo two cases of brew. The first was Sam Adam’s Boston Lager, and the second one was a seasonal variation. The brew finally arrived at the Belgian Embassy in DC late last week.
obama beer bet